Rick Pennell

As President and CEO, Rick Pennell really enjoys visiting Metromont’s six plants, getting to know staff and mentoring them in one way or another. Beyond executive leadership and guiding the company’s vision, he feels his main role is to be there to listen. While Rick’s vision and leadership have brought Metromont tremendous growth and success Read more

Steve Babcock

Having risen through the ranks at Metromont, first as an engineer and then transitioning into sales, Steve’s most rewarding accomplishment has been helping guide and mentor the careers of young engineers, project managers & drafters. Steve’s ability to communicate across all levels of the company has been a great influence on the next generation of Read more

Russell Rumley

It’s not all dollars and cents when it comes to Metromont’s Chief Financial Officer, Russ Rumley.  Russ puts thousands of miles on his bicycle riding all over South Carolina.  This year, he helped to raise $9,300 for the Alzheimer’s Association, riding with a team of four cyclists from the northwest corner of the state all Read more

Jason Woodard

What does being a Vice President of Corporate Services entail?  Well, to be honest, a little bit of everything.  Take a General Manager’s experience of running one of our manufacturing locations, then add some mad team building skills, innovative communications initiatives, and, well, you might come close. In his 15 years with the company, he’s Read more

Eric Scherden

As Regional Sales & Business Development Manager of Metromont’s Bartow, FL plant, Eric Scherden does a little bit of everything from sales and business development to production management. He’s been with the plant since it’s inception and has enjoyed watching it grow from a start-up to a full capacity production plant. And he’s had a major hand in Read more

Chuck Gantt

Chuck Gantt is the Vice President and General Manager of the Greenville, Charlotte and Spartanburg production facilities.  Ever heard the phrase “speak softly and carry a big stick,”? That’s Chuck’s leadership style in a nutshell. He may not be the loudest guy in the room but when he speaks everyone listens. With more than 22 Read more

Harry Gleich, P.E., FACI, FPCI

Harry Gleich heads up the Engineering Department here at Metromont, including the design and drawings for all projects. For over 30 years, Harry has been creating out of the box precast solutions for projects that others said couldn’t be done. He is also responsible for R & D, code development, institutional support and technical support Read more

Chris Pastorius

Chris Pastorious is the Vice President and General Manager at Metromont’s newest plant in Richmond, Virginia. When he joined the Metromont family in 2011 he brought with him 22 valuable years of precast concrete expertise. Chris likes to lead by example and foster a “get it done” culture to make effective change without sacrificing safety, Read more

Tony Smith

As the VP/Assistant General Manager of Metromont’s Hiram, GA plant, Tony works closely with VP/General Manager John Wenkel to oversee the daily operations of the Hiram facility. Tony’s mission is to leave things in a much better place than where he found them — from process, procedure and most importantly people. His goal each day Read more