Jason Woodard

VP of Corporate Services

Member of the Metromont family since 2001

What does being a Vice President of Corporate Services entail?  Well, to be honest, a little bit of everything.  Take a General Manager’s experience of running one of our manufacturing locations, then add some mad team building skills, innovative communications initiatives, and, well, you might come close.

In his 15 years with the company, he’s seen some big changes.  While the products we manufacture are mostly the same, Metromont’s culture and the value that is placed in our people is at a much higher level.  By building a work culture that is grown and maintained through associate interaction, Jason’s aim is to enrich the lives of employees and make their time at work enjoyable.  Having fun and laughing is a big part of that goal. 

Jason and his wife, Dawn, have three teenage girls (do you see where that sense of humor comes in handy??!!).  When he’s not at work or cheering on his Clemson Tigers, you’ll find him out on the golf course or snow skiing.