Georgia Data Center Addition

Alpharetta, GA

Pieper O'Brien Herr Architects

Holder Construction

The 60,000 sq ft addition of this Georgia data center not only needed to be impact resistant, thermal efficient and well ventilated, it needed to match the existing structure. And it needed to be constructed as quickly as possible.  Enter Metromont.

Metromont designed wall panels capable of handling wind loads of up to 150-mph and impacts from wind-borne debris. The 9-inch-thick panels feature an exterior and interior 3-inch wythe of concrete sandwiching 3 inches of insulation.  Carbon-fiber reinforcement acts as a shear connector between the inner and outer wythes of concrete and ensures edge-to-edge insulation.

SONY DSCThe exterior façade was designed to match the existing building and features an off-white mix with a light sandblasted finish.   The interior wythe is a traditional gray mix with a steel troweled finish ready for paint.

Exterior finish detail.

Ventilation ducts and other penetrations were needed in some of the panels, requiring blockouts that were worked out in advance. Many of the vents were hidden around 3- to 4-foot-tall medallions and emblems that were cast into the panels as decorative elements.

A precast structural framing system allowed for long, open spans on the lower level with office spaces along the perimeter. Precast double tees served the joint function of supporting the raised-flooring system used on the lower level while providing structural support for overhead cabling trays.