Who you know.

Who you know.

If you're in the building, design or construction industry, we don't need to tell you how important relationships are. So for more than 90 years, we've built our business, not by making concrete, but by making friends.

There are literally hundreds of precast manufacturers in this country alone — all vying for your business. It's no secret, it's a competitive industry. And we're not always the cheapest or even the fastest. But what sets Metromont apart is how we do business. We're brutally honest. Clients come to us, with ideas and challenges because they know we'll tell them how it is. Or isn't. And we help them understand how to design, engineer and build better and more cost effectively with precast.

Knowledge is power.

Our people are the most knowledgeable and highly trained in the precast industry. And as a pioneer in this industry we're changing it. We're always looking for ways to break new ground and to make our products better. Stronger. More efficient. And we never shy away from a challenge. So when somebody says it can't be done, we can't wait to show them what's possible.

And we not only train our own people, we train, teach and coach our clients. Because by sharing what we know, we help make architects better architects. Project managers, better project managers. Clients better clients.

Our Family History

The company and the family we are today all started back in 1925, when Captain J. Roy Pennell founded Pennell & Harley Construction Engineers. He became known as the "Father of the South Carolina highway" and built many of the roads and bridges that still stand in South Carolina today.

As a successful businessman, Roy believed in a strong family and giving back to his community. He gave to a variety of causes and brought up his sons to do the same. Son Richard “Dick” took over the reigns of the company (now Metromont) in 1969 and served as President and CEO until 2005.

Today, Rick Pennell continues the family legacy as President and CEO of Metromont, with six manufacturing facilities in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Virginia.

And instead of roads and bridges, Metromont has become a leader and pioneer in the engineering and manufacturing of precast concrete for schools, office buildings and parking decks to industrial plants and stadiums. We’ve completed more than 50 stadiums, including seven for the NFL, 15 sports arenas and more than 1,000 parking decks.

The Pennell family has built more than a successful company. They’ve built a family.”