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Advantages of Precast Concrete

Why Metromont Precast Concrete

Our clients choose Metromont for the experience, personalized attention, and deep-seated values we put into every project. We see our clients as partners. Your needs are our needs. Your success is our success.

Metromont offers design–assist and design–build services. We’ll work closely with you throughout your project and deliver exactly what your project needs. Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits of quality precast concrete.


Precast concrete is highly resistant to impact, corrosion, weathering, abrasion and aging. That durability reduces maintenance and operating costs. A low water/cement ratio combined with good compaction and curing in a controlled factory environment ensures a dense, highly durable concrete.
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Precast concrete is non-combustible and creates a safe envelope that helps protect people, equipment and the building itself. It stands up to fire and weather events, protecting the building’s occupants and contents.


Precast concrete gives designers unlimited opportunity for expression. It is incredibly responsive and can be customized in a cost-effective manner. With customizable colors and textures, designers can fine-tune any precast solution to meet the needs of a particular building owner, organization, or community.
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Precast concrete components produced by PCI-certified plants are produced under strict, factory-controlled conditions to ensure the highest quality in the desired shapes, colors and textures along with applicable tolerances. PCI inspections focus on the production process and the plant’s general operation. Our PCI Certification means our clients are at a lower risk of faulty products and unwanted surprises. It also minimizes the need for continuous inspections, which means cost savings on every project.


Metromont’s precast concrete building systems with continuous insulation offer sustainability benefits during construction and long after the building has been completed. We help increase each building’s sustainability and contribute to LEED® points in several ways. Precast concrete’s ability to store energy and insulate against temperature change saves energy over the long term and can result in significant cost savings. Learn more about the sustainability benefits of precast here.
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