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The trust and confidence of our customers means everything to us. As your partner from the earliest stages of design through turnover of the completed project, we value the relationships cultivated through our partnerships. That’s why we keep your projects confidential.

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In-House Capabilities

From test-fit studies to critical path material purchases to development of specialty precast components, we work to meet the evolving needs of the data center industry. And with 30 years of experience building precast data centers, our unique approach to all-precast data center shell construction has earned us the trust and confidence of the data center industry’s top companies.

  • Provides owners, representatives, and A&E teams with a valuable tool for making directional decisions.
  • Big buildings/Big & strong components = Fewer pieces = Faster precast erection.
  • Big components enable longer spans, fewer columns, and increased floor and roof loading.
  • Faster precast erection enables speedier follow-on construction and lower overall costs.
  • Early Design-Assist engagement ensures flexibility and rapid response throughout the design process.
  • Critical path material purchases mean supply chain issues aren’t an issue.
  • Key Relationships with consultants, material partners, and third-party erectors enable rapid deployment to meet hyper-fast schedules.
  • Onsite Staging/Multiple Crews/Shifts ensure as-needed delivery and installation of precast components at the jobsite.

Metromont is one of the industry’s thought leaders when it comes to data center construction. The resources below are intended to help you as you’re navigating your next data center project.

Composites-reinforced Concrete for Sustainable Data Center Construction published on (April 2023)

The Case for Total Precast Concrete Data Center Construction published on (October 2021)

DCD>Talks Rapid Deployment in Fast-evolving Markets with Marshall Sorenson published on (November 2023)

Security, Safety, Speed, and Efficiency: Why Precast Is Ideal for Data Centers

To be most effective, a data center shell has to support ever-increasing equipment loads, protect sensitive equipment from disaster, and avoid fragmentation with structural members such as columns. An all-precast concrete structure can do all of that. And, because Metromont ships prefabricated components to the job site, construction is faster and safer. When engaged early in the process, Metromont can quickly and efficiently create a data center that eliminates supply-chain problems, minimizes risk (both in construction and in everyday use), enhances sustainability, and allows for growth.

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