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The Case for Total Precast Concrete Data Center Construction

Metromont Marshall SorensonMarshall Sorenson of Shockey Precast – a Metromont company – explains why the best laid plans are precast.

Forget what they say about best laid plans, the best laid plans are exactly that: the best, particularly when it comes to erecting a data center. From a germ of an idea, you need to be able to design your optimal facility, acquire the optimal materials, ensure they’re delivered to site on time and ultimately get them standing (also on time.)

There are a lot of moving parts on the data center construction timeline, which can often be cause for chaos. And with data having been dubbed the crude oil of the 21st century, it’s understandable many businesses are demanding their facilities to be built not only at scale, but at speed, to house their precious assets.

But with historically long lead times and generally inconsistent deal making, Metromont Corporation decided to flip the script, taking your data center project from proof of concept, to immaculate conception.

As one of the largest manufacturers of precast concrete in the US (the first if you’re just counting total precast data centers, but let’s not be pedantic) over the last 20 years alone, Metromont has built up a resume exceeding more than eighteen million square feet of all precast data center projects, many of which are located in Northern Virginia’s “Data Center Alley.” So, it’s safe to say that the company has earned its stripes when it comes to authority in data center construction.

Metromont’s total precast systems provide secure storage for today’s most valuable commodity, offering the best defense against extreme weather, natural disasters and man-made impedance. A triple threat if you will.

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