Beauty & Brawn

Beauty & Brawn

Say "precast concrete construction" and the last thing you probably think of is beautiful architecture or brute strength. But the real beauty of precast is that it offers both.

Precast concrete often gets cast (pun intended) as the material you use when you want to build a parking deck. Sure, precast is a great choice when designing and building a parking structure. But with custom architectural panels and finishes, precast is also a great fit for office buildings, schools, entertainment venues and almost any type of commercial or public building. And with our custom precast manufacturing process, you can achieve the look of high-end finishes for much less cost than traditional construction.

Structural Precast Concrete

Double Tees

Precast Double TeePrecast Double Tees have traditionally been used in parking structures. Over the past decade, double tees have been integrated into the building envelope for use in floor and roof systems. From 30′ to 40′ short spans to clear spans over 100′ for gymnasiums, cafeterias, swimming pools, etc. There are numerous benefits including: inherent fire resistance, speed of construction and sustainable design – contribution to LEED®.

Double Tees with C-Grid

For years, architects, engineers and parking consultants have looked to precast double tee parking decks as a superior alternative to cast-in-place decks. Precast double tees offer unmatched consistency, erection speed and long-term durability in addition to aesthetic flexibility, fire resistance, low maintenance and high overall value. Now there is an alternative. CarbonCast® double tees with carbon fiber C-GRID® replaces conventional steel mesh reinforcing in the flange. Because carbon fiber does not corrode, you don’t have to worry about the potential for concrete degradation, cracking or spalling. In addition, you can eliminate the need to add corrosion inhibiting admixtures to the concrete or applying sealers to the deck surface.


metrodeck-5Concrete framing systems have been utilized for decades in the commercial building market. The Metro-Deck precast/prestressed concrete framing system incorporates a floor and roof product that is based on proven engineering principles and applications. The thin floor plate design offers all the benefits of commercially available concrete systems and much more. The wet cast floor and roof components are typically 9.5″ to 16″ deep and varies in width up to 13’4″ with typical being 12′. When the components are integrated with precast/prestressed columns, beams and load bearing walls, the framing system can be competitive on projects of all sizes from mixed-use, retail/condominium structures to multi-story office buildings and dormitories.

Wall Panels

Precast Wall PanelPrecast wall panels come in various shapes and sizes to meet your design needs. Typical widths include 10′-0″, 12′-0″, and 13′-4″ wide. Other custom widths are available. Typical wall panel heights range from 10′-0″ up to 50′-0″ for a single element (to accommodate three level structures). Structures with multi-stacked wall panels can reach heights of more than 120′. Products can be insulated to provide superior thermal efficiency. Exterior finishes include: cast-in brick, sandblasting, formliners, reveals and custom mix designs.

Spandrel Panels

Precast SpandrelSpandrel panels come in various shapes and sizes to meet specific design needs. Spandrels are typically used in parking garages and total precast office buildings. Typical spandrel lengths are 30′-0″, 36′-0″, 40′-0″ and 48′-0″. Other lengths are available. Typical heights are 72″ and 76″. Exterior finishes include: cast-in brick, sandblasting, formliners, reveals and custom mix designs.


Precast ColumnPrecast columns are available in various shapes and sizes. Square and rectangular columns are typically used with beams and spandrels in parking garages, total precast buildings, office buildings, schools and mixed-use structures. Exterior finishes are available as required to compliment other precast components, including: cast-in brick, sandblasting, formliners, reveals and custom mix designs.


Precast BeamPrecast beams are available in various shapes and sizes. Beams are typically used in parking garages and total precast structures to carry and transfer precast floor and roof loads to columns. Inverted Tee Beams (IT) “L” Shaped Beams (LB) Rectangular Beams (RB).