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Life Lessons from Total Precast Concrete Structures Subtitle: Building a Future that Lasts

Life Lessons from Total Precast Concrete Structures

Building a Future that Lasts

As we enter the year many of us set forth new goals and aspirations for better living. We’d like to offer six New Year’s tips we’ve learned from total precast concrete.

Be Flexible

Gone are the days of simple square structures and gray walls. A total precast concrete building system integrates architectural and structural precast components, changing typical façade walls with minimal support to load-bearing walls with superior structural integrity.

Today, the innovation and creativity of total precast concrete structures provide business owners and designers appealing options that attract business. Metromont’s precast products are cast into beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, unique structures that allure and influence communities.

This year, pursue new innovations and opportunities that equip growth. There’s no need to cast in place a life that no longer fits your mold. Don’t be afraid to adjust along the way so that you can exceed your ambitions.

Build a Future That Is Sustainable

Building for today is certainly a priority for us all. But as any nearing-retirement-person will tell you – building for the future can’t hurt either. As we enter every new year, taking stock in where we are and where we are going is key. It’s important we use our resources today to achieve our goals. And, equally important to be mindful of future resource needs. 

Total precast concrete construction methods sustainably meet today’s need while stewarding the resources for tomorrow. By producing products at Metromont manufacturing plants, less resources are wasted than with other onsite construction methods. And because total precast concrete products have an increased strength and durability that expands lifespan, less resources will be required for tomorrow. In addition, total precast concrete structures have naturally inherent thermal walls, requiring smaller HVAC equipment, which provides long-term energy savings for building owners.

By not over-using resources and building a stronger structure, you too will fortify your future.

Live a Life That Goes Beyond Yourself

We’ve all heard that life is bigger than ourselves. Continue to build a life that leaves a legacy for your family, your community, and the world at large. 

In a world where the 100-year lifespan (of buildings, not people) is becoming the expectation, total precast structures are outliving other construction products, by far. Today’s multi-family housing can be tomorrow’s office buildings. Warehouses used last year can be converted to the schools needed by growing communities.

Just like precast buildings, constructing a life that offers something today with potential to benefit the world of tomorrow is exactly how we build our legacies.

Be Resilient

Building on a solid structure is the foundation for success. Whether you’re a parent or were parented at some point in your life, it’s evident that starting off with a solid structure for living is critical. Unshakable morals, values and integrity are what equips anyone for progress while enduring the storms of life. 

Total precast concrete structures prove that resiliency equals longevity. The integrity of a total precast concrete structure is made to withstand the storm. Unlike other building materials, strong winds and rain aren’t a match for precast concrete. Total prestressed concrete products produce a greater PSI strength with greater load bearing capabilities that provide the resiliency to withstand hurricane and tornado-force winds. Precast concrete buildings are also flood, mold and fire resistant.

When the storms of life blow your direction, make sure your foundation is strong enough to not just endure, but to thrive as well.

Be Efficient

In today’s fast-paced world with diminishing attention spans, being efficient pays off. 

Total precast concrete products are the definition of efficient when it comes to construction methodologies. Precast concrete structures are erected onsite quicker than other construction methods because the products are produced at the plant and delivered to the construction site ready to go. In addition, safety improves because precast concrete cuts down on the need for more onsite personnel and trade interactions.In fact, using total precast concrete construction methods in your construction can increase efficiency by 25 percent.

Whether we’re talking about word choices, material usage, or time spent, offering efficient solutions increases value in the marketplace.

Provide Value

With EDPs and the cost of lumber constantly increasing, precast concrete construction offers a greater long-range ROI to owners. Whether we’re building parking structures, data centers, or multi-family units, Metromont believes in building the future on the strengths of the past. Metromont exists to be a caring family who delivers excellence to each other and our customers, partners, suppliers, and communities.

This year, continue seeking to deliver value to those you encounter as well. Together, we’ll continue to build a future that lasts.


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