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PCI Foundation 2020 Project Precast Design Competition

Metromont was one of five industry partners that sponsored student teams in PCI Foundation’s 2020 Project Precast Design Competition, held in Fort Worth, TX during the PCI Convention.

This year’s Project Precast design challenge was to design a Texas high school stadium for the modern era.

The 16 students who participated in the competition made up five teams with one alternate.  Each team was composed of three students: one from architecture, one from engineering, and one from construction management. The five-student teams were given just 30 hours to research, collaborate, complete a one-page summary, prepare a PowerPoint presentation, and present their final design to an audience of more than 100 at the PCI Convention in Fort Worth on March 6th.

Team Metromont included coaches Suzanne Aultman, Clay Putnam, and Gary Lentz and students Tanmay Vasishta, Colorado State University; Daniel Bridi Valentim, University of Alabama; Hanui Yu, Washington University in St. Louis.

Congratulations to the students of Team Clark Pacific for the winning design and to all the students for a great competition!



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