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Team Metromont Wins PCI Foundation’s Project Precast Competition

Congratulations to Team Metromont for winning PCI Foundation’s Project Precast competition at the PCI Convention for the second consecutive year!

Last year, Suzanne Aultman led our team of mentors and students, but this year she handed over the reins to Gary Lentz and served as a mentor on the team. Gary did a great job bringing everyone together and leading before and throughout the competition.  Metromont had an incredible team of four students – Elizabeth Rodriguez from Kennesaw State University, Ethan Lowndes from Washington University in St. Louis, Brady Andrus from Minnesota State University, and Ajay Baniya from University of Delaware.


They worked hard, developed great ideas, and brought together a thorough solution to the challenge of designing an In Reach Center in Franklinton, Ohio to blend the old with the new and tie the community together. Their “tetra panel” concept using thin brick in the precast panels symbolized building the community back one brick at a time. For their effort, solution, and how they presented, the judges selected them as the overall winners. The team of four students won $1,000 each for Best Overall and were chosen by a jury of professionals.


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