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Who Knew Precast Concrete Could Be So Pretty?

Concrete is not the first material one thinks of when considering aesthetic flourishes for a building project. However, precast architectural concrete has been used since ancient Roman times with amazing results.

Architectural precast concrete is an alternative worth exploring for your next building project, especially if it is of a larger scale. There are multiple examples of precast buildings that have stood the test of time, with the American Cement Company’s former headquarters located on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles being one of the best Los Angeles Conservancy.


This building, which has been converted into apartments since its original construction, is a stunning example of the aesthetic a building can obtain using precast materials. Completed in 1964 by the architecture firm of Daniel, Mann, Johnson and Mendenhall (DMJM), [1], the defining aspect of the building is the fronting screen of the facade, which is both eye catching and engaging.

Precast concrete is generally a term for concrete that is cast in molds to create a frame or structural component of a project. It’s journey begins in a factory, rather than at a build site, and therefore, there is a much higher level of production uniformity and quality control. Precast can be utilized in smaller wall sections, all the way up to components for the creation of the structure itself Factory Formed Precast Concrete.

Concrete is known for its durability and longevity with the need for very few repairs during its useful life, and precast options build upon this functional material to make it design friendly and of greater architectural interest.

Many large-scale projects have long been constructed with precast concrete, namely stadiums and arenas, due to the suitability of the material for behemoth structures. These large sporting venues do have a certain majesty to them due to the strong, clean lines created by the use of concrete. Three wonderful examples of how concrete can create a beautiful and functional structure on a massive scale are the Orlando Citrus Bowl, Busch Stadium, and the Cobb Energy Centre for the Performing Arts located in Atlanta. These three buildings also illustrate, very clearly, the adaptability and versatility of this building material Precast Sports & Entertainment Venues.

Precast concrete has proved to be a functional and beautiful material for use in many different types of projects. This architectural option may just be perfect for your next project.


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