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Fulton Science Academy Addition

Alpharetta, GA
Make3 Architecture/Planning/Design
Manhattan Construction
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Project Overview

To accommodate its growing STEAM school, the Fulton Science Academy in Alpharetta, GA needed an addition that would provide 29 new classrooms, offices, workrooms, a courtyard, a high school hangout, and additional parking. The new addition also had to reflect the architecture of the existing brick buildings on campus, AND it had to be completed quickly and within a tight budget. And while the addition was originally envisioned as a steel-and-brick veneer structure, a total precast concrete solution proposed by Metromont ultimately checked all the boxes for the owner.

Since the decision to utilize an all-precast design was made before preliminary designs had been developed, Metromont assisted Make3 Architecture with the design and development of the precast wall panels. Our Hiram manufacturing facility produced 33,027 SF of precast concrete for the project, including 21,644 SF of precast wall panels. The thermal-efficient precast wall panels are 10” thick with R-10 continuous EPS insulation, providing a more energy-efficient solution for the school. One of the main benefits of an all-precast structure is the unmatched strength and durability of precast concrete. In addition to being fire resistant, the total precast addition is also stormproof and provides a safe place to shelter in the event of a hurricane or tornado.

The two-story addition was completed well within the owner’s schedule, with most of the structure set in place in less than four weeks.

Read more about this project in the Fall 2020 issue of Ascent magazine.

Project Details

Size 33,027 SF
Number of precast pieces 222

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"Thank you for your professionalism and expertise on the Cornell University North Campus Residential Expansion. Your contributions were critical to our success."
Ben Robertson
"Metromont was an excellent partner and worked seamlessly, closely to collaborate almost as an extension of our design team. It’s incredible how quickly it all came together.”
Scott Johnston
AIA Johnston Design Group
"The precast concrete design was able to meet the stringent performance requirements of the structure while providing an aesthetically pleasing, sustainable final product at an affordable price point."
Ben Townes
Townes + Architects
"Metromont’s team embraced our idea and got their whole team on board. It’s one thing for sales managers to want to make architects happy, but to have the plant manager, the finishing crew foreman and engineers fully engaged is something else. Metromont was extremely cooperative – the project was a win-win for everyone.”
K.J. Jacobs, AIA
McMillan Pazdan Smith

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