Dollar General Distribution Center

Bessemer, AL

Leo A. Daly


This 2013 PCI Design Award winner is a 1 million sq ft facility, spreading across 106 acres. It services 500 stores across Alabama and its surrounding states and is Dollar General’s tenth distribution center.

Dollar General wanted something different for its Alabama facility, which serves as a hub for more than 600 employees. They wanted a space where employees felt valued and connected to the Dollar General brand.

Detail of custom formliner façade

Metromont Corporation came up with a unique idea – create a façade that represents what the employees do for a living. Metromont created a custom formliner replicating an enlarged tire tread pattern that could be embedded into each of the exterior precast concrete panels. The treads cover the entire façade of the employee hub, creating differentiation and ownership of this portion of the building while reinforcing a symbolic authority of the architecture. The reusable formliner created a distinctive look while also reducing production costs.