French Broad Place

Brevard, NC

Harris Architects

Latell Builders

Built in 2008, French Broad Place is a four-story mixed-use development situated on the edge of downtown Brevard.

The project combines living, working, and shopping with condominiums on the 3rd and 4th floors, office space on the 2nd floor and restaurants and shopping on the street level.


The exterior, load-bearing panels were cast with a sandblasted, architectural mix and brick veneer. Reveals were used at the base of the structure to simulate stacked limestone.  The various finishes and offsets in the design is intended to break down both the scale and height of the building to reflect the heritage and existing architecture of downtown Brevard.

A system of precast concrete structural and exterior, load-bearing finished panels was selected to solve the logistical and schedule constraints related to the tight site. The combined finishes of veneer brick and sandblasted concrete details accent the exterior and capture the character of traditional downtown commercial buildings.