National Bank of South Carolina Regional Headquarters

Greenville, SC

Neal Prince Architects

BE&K Building Group

The NBSC Regional Headquarters is a 75,000 sq ft structure situated on the corner of McBee and Spring Streets in downtown Greenville, SC.

Although originally specified as a structural steel frame with brick façade, the design team faced an aggressive construction timeline scheduled to begin during the winter months.


Knowing winter time construction can often mean delays in schedule, the design team started to look at other options. The owner was open to the quality assurances and savings precast could provide, but did not want to compromise on the desired architectural impact. Metromont was able to deliver the desired look on time and on budget.


Truthfully, we were both skeptical and reluctant to change to a total precast structure including the architectural brick façade. However, the cost savings Metromont offered coupled with assurances of quality, safety and schedule were convincing enough for us to take the gamble. The end result has been outstanding and a project which we are all proud of!”

– Mac Carpenter, BE&K Building Group