LPL Financial

Fort Mill, SC

tvs Design

Shelco, LLC

LPL Financial wanted a new campus that would be a landmark destination office building and parking garage located in the Kingsley Office Park in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

The parking garage has over 450,000 square feet of elevated precast and holds 1,500 cars. This garage has a very large footprint with an expansion joint and also features two-level ramping.

Metromont had been involved with the design of this garage from the beginning. Metromont worked closely with the design team to determine structural elements, fire ratings, and how to handle the difficult site layout. Metromont also had the capability to provide a fully dry system that required no pourstrips. This was a tremendous help to the budget and the schedule.

Metromont coordinated with the General Contractor to create a smooth delivery route into and out of the site in addition to keeping a well-orchestrated erection sequence. This coordination allowed the construction of the office buildings to continue and the garage to be delivered on time and on budget. The original precast erection duration was 25 weeks, and the actual time it took to erect the deck was 21 weeks.