The Beacon Parking Garage at Emory University Hospital Midtown

Atlanta, GA

Howell Rusk Dodson

Batson-Cook Construction

The First Place Parking Deck winner in the 2022 Georgia Chapter ACI Awards, the Beacon parking structure parking structure located in downtown Atlanta was designed to be more than just a box to park vehicles.

Originally designed as a precast concrete structure, this parking deck was envisioned to be a recognizable, artistic addition to the Atlanta skyline positioned immediately adjacent to the downtown connector through the heart of the city. Built entirely of precast concrete and clad in iridescent metal panels, the façade is a representation of the healthcare system’s commitment to the community and as a beacon for those who commute to serve them each day.

The 16-story parking deck provides approximately 3000 parking spaces and features a glass elevator tower to the north, which gives immediate visibility and proximity to the adjacent campus. Clad in a double-height curtainwall system, the ground level of the parking deck includes an active retail space for future development to fully engage the public at the street level. The parking deck will be a new standard for the city as town leadership seeks to evolve its use of these structures in the future to provide better urban integration and connectivity to both its residents and its commuters.